Member Profile: Carbon Green Consulting

Company Name: Carbon Green Consulting

Name of owner: James Blackburn

Date company incorporated: 2007

Date company joined The Exeter Business Hub: December 2008

The Story So Far

I started Carbon Green following a move away from the pharmaceutical industry, where I had been working for the last 15 years.  Returning to a long-held interest in architecture & design and building on a previous role in Environmental Planning, I decided to form Carbon Green Consulting.  

As the business grew, we moved into Queensgate House (then the South West Business Centre) and took on a business partner, Sam Pascoe.  Together we provided energy modelling and compliance to existing buildings, but after 5 years, Sam left the U.K and I decided to develop the business into the vibrant consultancy it is today.

Can you outline the services Carbon Green Consulting provides:

Carbon Green Consulting works with its clients’ on their sustainability, environmental and energy issues. They manage their risks, reduce their costs and create commercial opportunities and competitive strength for them.

We offer compliance services such as Energy Modelling, Dynamic Simulation, SAP and SBEM Calculations, Code for Sustainable Homes, energy statements and the suite of BREEAM certifications.

What does your average day look like:

I’m keen to get into the office early in the morning as I feel like I’ve got a head start before anyone else gets going!

Most of my work is modelling buildings in IESVE to demonstrate energy efficiency, overheating studies, energy flows and compliance to regulations. I tend to focus on this type of work early when it’s quiet and then I’ll move on to writing reports later in the day. These are generally energy and sustainability statements for planning applications. 

I’ll hopefully have a client-facing meeting at least twice or three times a week where I’ll usually join a design/planning team meeting and advise on sustainability matters.

The end of my working day usually consists of a catch up on emails and dealing with practical business issues. I try not to work past 5.30!

Contact details:

01392 248567

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