Company Name: The Mortgage Quarter

Name of owners: Michael Tilston and James Miles

Date company incorporated: 14/02/2018

Date company joined The Exeter Business Hub:   14/02/2018                            




The Story So Far: Michael and James started off as sole traders in 2017 after working for Halifax for 10 years each, after working together for 3 years for the bank they decided they no longer wanted to be involved in the politics of working for a corporate bank and decided to go and work from home as independent mortgage advisers. After doing this for 12 months we decided to get a serviced office in town to be able to see clients from a central address as it seemed easier. Shortly after this The Mortgage Quarter was born when we decided that having a proper company to trade under made more sense! 


We’ve since grown and taken on two members of staff and taken over the office next to us so that we had appropriate space to see more clients as we have gotten busier and busier!


Can you outline the services the company provides: We are mortgage and protection specialists helping people all around the UK to buy their homes, their buy to let investments and protecting what matters most to them by offering comprehensive insurances to look after them and their families.


What does your average day look like: Well we saw a brilliant quote not long ago that we thought aptly described the stresses of the job and also encompasses the average 12 hour day that we work. ‘Being a Mortgage Adviser is easy, it’s like riding a bike, except the bike is on fire, you’re on fire, everything is on fire and you’re in hell.’ Joking of course as we love what we do but still we thought it was funny! No two days are the same in this job so the average day doesn’t exist!


 Contact details: 


 Telephone: 01392 660219