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Company Name: Ethos Ltd

Date company incorporated: 2014

Date company joined The Exeter Business Hub: October 2021

The Story So Far

ETHOS was formed in 2014 because of a feasibility study completed in partnership with a pharmaceutical company in the interests of furthering medical science / MedTech innovation. At that time, we were thinking this would be a one-off piece of work and we would go back to our day jobs in the NHS. Our initial work was so successful the pharma company asked if we could lead the work they needed to undertake. Two years later we had helped to establish a new clinical decision support service for Hepatitis care in all the Organisational Delivery Networks in the UK. Stuart was impacted by some NHS reorganisation. We decided to start building ETHOS into the organisation we would like to work in, surrounded by people we trust, admire and respect. With the values we hold dear having worked in the NHS for over 15 years, we wanted to make a difference. We can do that now and have really demonstrated that ethical working works. At the start of the pandemic, we led the digital clinical safety work for the COVID app, test and trace and provided pro bono services to a few start-ups that had innovative products needed for those vulnerable patient groups impacted by lockdowns. We are now out of the other side of the pandemic (hopefully) and continue to work with digital health innovators that are making the NHS even better than it already is. We are very lucky.

Can you outline the services that your company provides?

ETHOS is a company driven by a passion for high quality and effective digital health products and services.
The team provide a depth of expertise across the core domains needed for the safe, secure, and effective deployment of digital health focused technology at scale. Each member of the team has more than 15 years’ NHS & health sector experience; including clinicians and senior leaders working nationally and internationally. We are based around the UK currently but are planting our roots in Exeter.
We proactively support our professional bodies to improve standards and influence sector workforce development. As subject matter experts we strive to contribute to the industry via our professions as part of our charter.

What does your average day look like?

Ideally, an average day starts with a brew and a nice ease into the day knowing what is ahead of me. With plenty time to complete my work and take a break now and then. Realistically, I start on a Monday and then look out of the window midweek wondering what happened. The plan is to get at least one ideal day per month by the end of this year and work from that. The saving grace is working with such lovely people and having such a passion for the work we do.


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