Member Profile:  HandsOn

Company Name: HandsOn

Name of owners: Sam Harradine, Toby Rix

Date company incorporated: 2021

Date company joined The Exeter Business Hub: August 2021

The Story So Far

Having spent years delivering projects all over the globe the HandsOn founders, Sam and Toby, wanted to build a company that truly spoke to people’s need of being together and sharing collective experiences that everyone involved can benefit from.

Can you outline the services that your company provides?

HandsOn ultimately wants to create an event that will help connect people – in a fun and practical way. From the outset, we work with a range of communities, schools and social groups to design spaces that will help improve the day-to-day lives for everyone involved. Following this consultation phase, we then formulate an appealing construction experience that’s customised for businesses to organise their teams for an enjoyable, practical and socially rewarding exercise.
With our HandsOn people on hand to help, after being presented with a variety of builds at the beginning of the day, teams then work together constructing new facilities and spaces for the receiving community using a selection of supplied tools.

What does your average day look like?

Our days really vary at the moment. We could be calling and meeting our clients and our beneficiary communities one day… and designing and preparing our playgrounds, gardens and educational spaces on another! We are currently busy booking up our 2022 calendar with HandsOn events and are working hard on designing and developing them to be truly fun and wholesome experiences. We are looking forward to building some exciting new facilities for communities all across the UK this year.

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