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Following on from a very extraordinary year so far, I thought it would be helpful to update everyone on how The Exeter Business Hub is operating this Autumn.

Covid-19 Compliance

We are committed to being fully Covid-19 compliant and to keep operating and keeping our staff and clients safe.  So far, we have installed a screen in reception and have a ‘one person in reception’ rule for all visitors.  We have removed our reception seating as we feel offering a sitting area is not appropriate at this time.

All staff have been provided with a disinfectant spray and hand sanitiser.  Desks are sanitised when staff arrive each day and hand sanitiser is used throughout the day.  Toilets have been stocked with disinfectant wipes so surfaces can be wiped before and after use.  Sanitiser is also available at each entry point into the building for our clients use.


As I am sure you have all gathered, events have sadly been postponed for now, we hope this is something that we will be able to pick up in the future months.

Social Media

As always, please do link with us on Social Media via Twitter, Facebook and Linked In.


In terms of client contact, we will be sending a regular email out every couple of weeks, detailing helpful funding opportunities and links to local events.  I hope this proves a useful source of information for our clients.

Opening hours

Thanks to everyone for bearing with us over the last few months – varying staff resource has meant that our main reception has been opened for reduced hours for quite some time.  It is a pleasure to be able to extend our opening times to 9am – 5pm, from Monday to Friday.  Offices can be accessed as usual outside of these times.

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