Member Profile: Meridian Sea

Company Name: Meridian Sea

Name of owners: Nigel Vogwill

Date company incorporated: 1997

Date company joined The Exeter Business Hub: August 2021

The Story So Far

I started the company back in 1997 and was originally based in Southampton, however, in 2008 myself and my family decided to move to West Devon – where the company was being operated from home. Initially, things were fine, but after working from my home address for over 10 years and struggling with having adequate office space, I thought the Exeter Business Hub was the ideal choice to move my workplace to.

Can you outline the services that your company provides?

Meridian Sea offers top quality seafood products. Each product in our range is selected based on quality and sustainability. The products we offer all come from producers who are leaders in their field and share in our values. We have a great selection on offer; there’s marinated anchovies and seafood, terrines and pates, sauces and soups, salads and cocktails and edible organic seaweeds.

The relationships we have built with our producer partners over the years mean that Meridian Sea can supply great tasting, great looking products – at fantastic prices – providing customers with inspirational meal solutions and ingredients.

What does your average day look like?

I spend most of my day on the phone, or on my computer handling emails and organising/selling products. I’m always busy – even more now since Brexit as this has generated a lot more paperwork.

Contact details:

The Exeter Business Hub.

Queensgate House
48 Queen Street

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